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What happens when board members do learn to ask their own questions?


We know from the classroom student formulation of their own questions is one of the most effective metacognitive strategies  Engaging in pre-lesson self-questioning improved students rate of learning by nearly 50% (Hattie, 2008).


The QFT provides three thinking abilities with one process:

  • Divergent thinking: thinking in many different directions

  • Convergent thinking: narrowing down, focusing

  • Metacognitive thinking: thinking about thinking


In a collaborative learning situation participants learn to:

  • Produce their own questions

  • Improve their questions 

  • Strategise on how to use their questions

  • Reflect on what they have learned and how they learned it

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The Question Formulation Technique is the work of the Right Question Institute and is available  to you through a Creative Commons licence.

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