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Question Formulation Technique (QFT)
for School Boards


The Question Formulation Technique is a tool that can help you find solutions to governance problems and ensure that everyone around the table has a voice.  It’s proven itself to be powerful from early childhood centres to medical schools and is supported by the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana developed the QFT two decades ago when they found parents at a school in Lawrence, Massachusetts saying, “We don’t go to the school because we don’t even know what to ask.” 

Their Boston-based organisation, The Right Question Institute is dedicated to helping people ask questions. With acknowledgement The Right Question Institute offers materials through a Creative Commons License and encourage us all to make use of and/or share this resource.

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A demonstration video of the QFT with the Library of Congress (2020) can be viewed here

(Watch the recording from 12:22 to 32:02.)


For a thorough training in the QFT the Harvard Graduate School of Education offers a regular online course on the QFT, “Best Practices in the Question Formulation Technique.”

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