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Categorising Questions


The next step in the QFT is to apply a convergent thinking activity. It’s almost like a sidebar to the big issue where we say, “Hey, we’re going to talk about questions for a moment, not the topic.” You narrow down into a technical aspect, which, shortly helps us address the item of focus.

So participants work together to categorise their list of questions into whether they are open-ended or closed ended.  

Closed-ended questions can be answered with a “yes” or  “no” or with a one-word answer.

Open-ended questions require more explanation.

Participants identify each of their questions as being either closed-ended or open-ended by marking them with a “C” or an “O”.

Your turn… next to each of your questions make them with a “C” or an “O” depending on whether they are open-ended or closed ended. Move to the next activity once you are done.

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The Question Formulation Technique is the work of the Right Question Institute and is available  to you through a Creative Commons licence.

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