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QFT on one page

That’s it!  You’ve completed the QFT.  Perhaps it was somewhat jumpy, but ongoing use and application to other Question Focus topics will improve the flow. Perhaps try it with a couple of family members or work colleagues using a Question Focus of your own choosing and see what new thinking and possibilities emerge. Take the technique, use it with the Board and see what it opens up between you all.

To summarise the Question Formulation Technique:

QFT on One Page

  1. Question Focus

  2. Produce Your Questions

    • Follow the rules

    • Number your questions

  3. Improve Your Questions

    1. Categorise questions as Closed or Open-ended

    2. Change questions from one type to another

  4. Prioritise Your Questions 

  5. Share & Discuss Next Steps

  6. Reflect


The Rules
  • Ask as many questions as you can

  • Do not stop to discuss, judge or answer

  • Record exactly as stated

  • Change statements into questions



The Types
  • Closed-Ended: answered with “yes,” “no” or one word

  • Open-Ended: require longer explanation

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The Question Formulation Technique is the work of the Right Question Institute and is available  to you through a Creative Commons licence.

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